RVF: Youth


The long term goal and purpose of this ministry is to assist parents in training up their children to:

  • Personally experience, understand, and accept God’s love for them
  • Become disciples of Jesus who, in turn, go out and make disciples

The youth pastor and leaders at Rogue Valley Fellowship see their relationship with Jr. High and High School students similar to that of Eli and Samuel in 1 Samuel chapter 3.

Eli lived life with Samuel and guided him in hearing and discerning the Lord’s voice. So too, we desire to just live life with these young men and women and help them to hear and discern the voice of the Lord in Scripture and in their everyday lives, that they might make a decision to follow Jesus.

However, we also view that as just the beginning of our ministry.

Much youth ministry has fallen short because of its failure to take students beyond their initial decision to follow Christ into a life of spiritual formation and Christlikeness.

Paul said in 1 Cor. 11:1: “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” This is the qualification for every youth leader, that their life would bear the fruit of a disciple of Christ. We desire for our lives, and our passion for Christ and His kingdom, to be the model that students desire to follow after.

Every resource we use and event we have is for the sole purpose of encouraging each student to develop a passionate love relationship with Jesus Christ and become more like him every day.


Regular meeting times:

Sunday @ 10:00am – Jr. High; High School in adult service

Wednesday @ 6:00pm – Jr. High and High School (Every other Wednesday)

Sunday @ 6:00pm – High School (Every other Sunday)